6-8 hours Layover tours:

Sometimes you encounter a very long wait between your flight. You might have missed your connection and have to wait half a day for the next flight. In case of a long wait, we have the solution! In stead of waiting at the terminal, we offer a selection of activities to do during your layover in Amsterdam! Pick-up, luggage and drop-off is arranged by us! We arrange a private vehicle to pick you up from the airport, and you can enjoy a worry-free day in Amsterdam!

Fullday Best of Amsterdam Layover package
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Fullday Museum and Bike tour Layover package
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Fullday Windmills and Amsterdam Layover package
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Besides organising layover itineraries, we can also customize your itineraries for you! If you have any request, just tell us how many hours of time you have and we will make a customized programme just for you! Just send us an e-mail at and ask for a quote.

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